FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
1) What are these virtual Storytelling Salons
2) Who are the Storytellers?
3) Who attends?
4) How often are these Storytelling Salons held?
5) What is the cost?
6) How do I register?
7) What is the flow of the Storytelling Salons?

8) Are there any requirements to join?
9) Is there a culinary aspect to the Storytelling Salons?
10) How can I be a Storyteller?                      

1) What are these VIRTUAL Storytelling Salons?
Online events featuring a Storyteller (Singer, Actor, Musician, Magician, Impersonator, Entertainer, Artist, Author, Dancer, other), who ENTERTAINS, ENTHRALLS, EDUCATES, INSPIRES, ENLIGHTENS or any combination thereof. Hosted by Paris based Bernadette Martin, guests join from across the globe to mingle, interact and to be entertained.

2) Who are the Storytellers?
Entertainers, Artists, Impersonators, Musicians, Actors, Performers, Magicians, Authors, Singers, and Dancers who will ENTERTAIN, AMUSE, EDUCATE, ENTHRALL, ENLIGHTEN or any combination thereof.

 3) Who attends?
Storytelling enthusiasts from around the world, regardless of the time zone, and kid friendly.

4) How often are these Storytelling Salons held?
Usually twice a month on Saturdays at 19:15 – 21:15 (CEST Paris)

5) What is the cost?
General Admission is10 Euros with an optional “passing of the hat tip jar”

6) How do I register?
RSVP on the Eventbrite site HERE. For full information on past events, photos, storytellers and more visit the Storytelling Salon site HERE

7) What is the flow of the Storytelling Salons?
19:15 Guest check in via ZOOM (CEST Paris), and channelled to breakout rooms for mingling
19:30 ALL guest gather. Welcome by Host Bernadette Martin who introduces the Storyteller and program which could be any combination of an interview, performance (music, song, dance, other), interludes, guest interaction, contest and quiz.
21:00 Q&A from guests
21:15. ZOOM doors close

8) Are there any requirements to join?
An internet connection, ideally with video, and viewed on a laptop for a better experience. ZOOM link is sent 24 hours in advance, if you do not have already, will be the latest 5.0 version of ZOOM.

9) Is there a culinary aspect to the Storytelling Salons?
As guests join from various time zones, Chef recommended culinary delights, to accompany morning coffee, afternoon tea, or an evening glass of wine are posted on the Storytelling Salon site.

10) How can I be a Storyteller?
To feature, and/or if you have a recommendation, contact Bernadette Martin at bmartin@visibilitybranding.com.


Virtual Storytelling Salon with Sarah Tullamore - Musical Theatre Singer and Actress July 11th 19:15 - 21:00 (CEST Paris)

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          Sarah Tullamore credits Julie Andrews with her initial vocal inspiration. In fact, Mary Poppins was the first film young Sarah ever saw at the cinema. Entranced by Julie’s beautiful singing voice, Sarah used her as a benchmark when taking singing lessons herself and found an uncanny similarity in their voices in tone and range. When starting out in her career, Sarah used to sing “I Have Confidence In Me” to herself before auditions to get psyched up and in the mood! And more technically, even now, she uses the yodeling section from “The Lonely Goatherd’ in voice classes to teach students the difference between chest voice and mixed voice and positions of the larynx, to help students alternate between the two registers!At this Storytelling Salon, Sarah will appear as Maria from “The Sound of Music” and in the second half re appear as Mary Poppins. She will entertain us with her natural English accent and sing favorites such as “ A Spoonful of Sugar”, “The Lonely Goatherd” , “Edelweis”, and maybe even teach us how to yodel! Interviewed by your host, Bernadette Martin, Maria or Mary Poppins, as the case may be, will answer questions from guests. There will be a contest for the best-dressed lookalike from one of the films and a fun trivia quiz.

More on Sarah…

Sarah Tullamore, from Surrey, England, has travelled a lot for her work! In FRANCE, she performed in Belles de Nuit; Sweeney Todd; Sister Act; La Vie Parisienne; John of Arc; Parce que je vous aime; Alice in Wonderland; Pocahontas and was one of the lead singers at The Moulin Rouge. She has starred in two sell-out Broadway compilation tours in JAPAN &, recently, in the UK, appeared  in The Wizard of Oz; Pinot The Musical; Singin’ in the Rain; Jog On! & Echos. She is the creator of two jazzy groups (“The Jazzberries” and “Le Cinq’tet”), is a sought-after voice-over actress & vocal coach and created, wrote & performed TWO one woman musicals (“Estelle Bright” & “London-Paris-Roam!”) that have toured England, Scotland, France, South Africa & the USA.   RSVP HERE 


@LondonParisRoam    Location: ZOOM


 Virtual Storytelling Salon
Paul Kirby
Banjo Player | Opera Singer 
August 1st 
19:15-21:00 CEST Paris


Virtual Storytelling Salon 
Cara Black
August 22, 2020
19:15 – 21:00 CEST Paris

Virtual Storytelling Salon
Suni Paz
Argentinian Singer | Songwriter | Guitarist | Poet | Folklorist
September 5th  19:15 – 21:00 CEST Paris

September 12th 22:15 – 24:00 CEST Paris



July 11TH, 2020
Virtual Storytelling Salon with SARAH TULLAMORE
Musical Theatre Singer and Actress

The Storytelling Salon resident Chef Michelle Ou will publish shortly tantalizing suggestions to (depending on your time zone), accompany your morning coffee, afternoon tea or glass of wine. Michelle is a pastry chef trained at FERRANDI, the most prestigious culinary school in France. She runs online, and on-site here in Paris, culinary tours. More on Michelle.
Instagram @sweetsecretsofparis

The Host
Bernadette Martin

Welcome and Bienvenue! If you have read the Frequently Asked Questions on the FAQ page, many of your questions about the Storytelling Evenings may have been answered so you might ask…….what’s my story? I felt the extract below from an interview conducted by Sean Ryan – Communications Consultant gives you a snapshot. Sean has attended 17 out of 25 Storytelling Evenings.IMG_0701 2 3BD 2

Tell us about your story…where you grew up?
Originally from Los Angeles I am of Irish, German, and French descent and have lived and worked in Asia, Europe and the US.   After a first degree in French followed by an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management I embarked on a career in branding on the client and advertising agency side holding positions in Asia, Europe and North America. In 2002 I moved to Paris which coincided with transitioning from a corporate career to becoming an entrepreneur. Having lived in Paris since 2002 I feel truly « Euro-American ». A long distance swimmer (former long distance runner) and Bikram (hot) Yoga practitioner I find my « zen » in the H2O doing endless laps. My favorite Tibetan proverb, « Happiness is not at the end of the road, it’s the road that brings happiness ».
What is your “day” job?
As Founder of Visibility Branding   I help professionals identify, clarify and message their personal brand (online & offline) using storytelling. I am  a Personal Brand Strategist, Storyteller, eReputation Analyst and author of « Storytelling about Your Brand Online and Offline 
» These Storytelling Evenings are a brand extension of my « day job » and are a chance for me to welcome guests from all walks of life and nationalities where the common thread is a desire to hear a good story, and share an amazing meal and convivial evening together. For more on my “day” job visit my site or go the the Visibility Branding PAGE.
Why did you decide to launch your Storytelling Evenings in June 2014?
I have been an expat for most of my life, the last 14 years here in Paris.  What triggered the launch was, to use the French expression, a “concours de circonstance”.  Having moved into a larger apartment, this allowed me to welcome guests chez moi (tapping into my love for entertaining and meeting new people), as well as cook (designing menus inspired from my travels),  and more importantly provide entertainment around Storytelling…..my passion.
Where do you find the Storytellers?
Some approach me having heard of these events. However, for the most part they are people I know well. An example is my good friend Ayke Agus a world class pianist, violinist and author of Heifetz as I Knew Him . She will feature when she passes through Paris this year. Others are recommended or people I meet here in Paris. I have the reputation as the “networking queen’ with affiliations and membership across a range of professional and cultural associations such as Toastmasters, Professional Women’s Network, Arts & Arena, American University Clubs of France, Paris Women of Success, Project Management Institute, my alumni association Thunderbird School of Global Management and others. At events is where I often meet potential storytellers where my innate curiosity in hearing other people’s stories prompts me to ask if they would like to feature.
How do you see the future progression of these Storytelling Evenings?
I plan to continue hosting these events wherever I live and in parallel with my professional career. I do plan on keeping these events intimate, on a small scale with ever changing delightful menus and chez moi.

Past Events

Natalia Lazarus
Director, Producer, Actor and Founder of the Los Angeles Performing Arts Center
” A Picasso”

Johannes-Maria Lansche
Dancer, Choreographer, Actor and Bikram Yoga Instructor

Dr Marie Holm
Cognitive Neuroscience and Positive Psychology Researcher
“Blending Science & Spirituality”

Judith Merians
Hollywood Studio Executive, Literary Agent, and Entertainment Attorney
“Making Movies & the Marriage of Creativity & Business”


Sandy Beky
Sustainability Advocate, Founder of Kyosei Leadership
“The BUZZ on Bees”

Dr. Lorraine Tilbury
Veterinarian and Toxicologist
“Practicing Emotional Agility in your Life – an Approach Inspired by Horses”

Owen Lean
Magician, Street Performer
Stand-up Comedian


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RSVP directly HERE. Your seat is guaranteed with payment. Link is http://visibilitybranding2015.eventbrite.com



 Bernadette Martin
E: bmartin@visibilitybranding.com
T: 33 (0) 6 33 41 70 01
Normally the event location (chez moi)  is 55 Boulevard Richard Lenoir 75011 Paris, France
Easy access: across from metro Richard Lenoir line 5. Close to Bastille lines 1,5,8
Wheelchair accessible

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Visibility Branding offers career development services to Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Academic Institutions, Corporations, and Associations in the form of individual sessions, workshops, courses, modules, presentations and keynotes. These can be delivered on-site or virtually.  The “red thread” methodology that flows throughout the Visibility Branding process is based around the four C’s of a strong brand. CLARITY, COVERAGE, CONSISTENCY, CONSTANCY and the use of STORYTELLING. Selected services are the following with a full list on the Visibility Branding site HERE.

COACHING: Identifying and clarifying your personal brand (what makes you UNIQUE), as well as your direction, goals, target and Call To Action (CTA)
The BIO: Creating compelling and captivating stories and narratives for various versions of the BIO tailored to the target. Placement purposes: LinkedIn SUMMARY, site, blog, Twitter, association sites and other.
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